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    You’ve stumbled upon one of the original Motocross, Supercross, Off-Road, GNCC, ISDE (you get the point) dirt bike sites on the “modern” web. Prior to forums such as DRN, it was all ASCII / text based bulletin boards and 28.8k modems. Yes, we were here before all the “big magazines”.

    They called us a “fad” then. 15 years later, the fad continues, even with the on-slaught of the likes of Facebook. If you prefer your moto-talk pure, this is where you’ll find it. Please don’t ask Aunt Lucy to sign-up and share her wall pics here. We’re good, thanks.

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    Here you’ll find millions of threads about dirt bikes, owning a dirt bike and maintaining a dirt bike and yes, modifying a dirt bike for that last bit of performance. You’ll also find a sense of community. Many here consider themselves family members. We’ve watched member’s kids grow from 5 year olds to 21 year-old men. 9 year old girls to mothers.
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    We’re not a corporation; we’re a single owner and 10 active moderators who donate their time to keep the site clean and family safe, who keep the facts flowing and the bad advise in the trash. Inaccuracies passed-off as fact don’t live long here. Lot’s of folks don’t like our style… that’s fine, we are about accurate info first, page hits and member counts are down somewhere around 9 on the list.
    Entering your first motocross or woods race? Have a young one that wants to get into the sport of off-road riding or motocross? Where do you start? How can you avoid the pitfalls of this potentially expensive hobby / sport ? You’ll find the answers here.



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